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For a stress-free wedding in Venice, relax in the capable hands of the wedding planner that collaborates with Molino Stucky..

Joy and enthusiasm at the prospect of a new life are immediately offset by the doubts and uncertainties coming for organizing a destination wedding in Italy.

Venice is a unique place but can be very stressful and full of perplexity when it comes to transfers, church, documents needed for a legally binding wedding and again photographer, florist, bouquet, favours….

Everyone wants to organize a big event that will be unforgettable for both the bride and groom and their guests.

My aim is to make this wish come true!

Molino Stucky is the perfect venue for a party wedding, where everyone feels pampered by infinite care and attention.

A place that allows that moment to be experienced in a true home away from home, where guests can be amazed by the most delicious food, the most exclusive flower arrangements and where you ‘ll have the perfect setting for your long-lasting memories.

Alessia Santa, wedding planner

Milan, Italy
Tel +39 340 177632
Skype: alessiasanta

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